Honolulu, HI (September 9, 2016) – Conservation International (CI) is pleased to announce that Angela Andrade has been elected as Chair for the Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM) for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Andrade is environmental policy director for CI Colombia, and was formerly deputy chair of the CEM.

Andrade will work to support IUCN in implementing new CEM programs that generate and apply knowledge and provide evidence- based policy solutions to meet conservation and implementation challenges. Key areas of work include risk assessment of ecosystems, nature based solutions, ecosystem governance, as well as some emerging issues such as cultural practices and ecosystem management and rural-urban areas linkages. Andrade will work to strengthen knowledge development and communication, build collaborative agendas within between commissions, and outreach outside the conservation community including encouraging the participation of young professionals.

“I’m honored to be elected the chair of Commission on Ecosystem Management,” said Andrade. ” I look forward to bringing my experience as the Environmental policy director of CI-Colombia, where I have been working in conservation corridors and climate change adaptation for the last 10 years, to CEM and its mission.”

Andrade has been involved with CEM for the past 16 years, working to ensure ecosystem-based approaches at the international and domestic levels to issues such as water management and conservation corridors, During her career she has had extensive experience in planning and environmental policy, as well as ecological and social studies. She has participated in several global negotiations as a representative of the IUCN and CI due to her interest and knowledge of climate change adaptation, and has been responsible for leading important initiatives associated with ecosystem-based adaptation and building resilience to face climate change.

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